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这是ufo英语ppt下载,主要介绍了What is UFO;UFO events;UFO—Eg;UFO phenomenon;The mystery of UFO,欢迎点击下载。




制作:陆映彤·王永芳            张晓红·杨雪颖
What is UFO
UFO(Unidentified Flying Object )
The UFO has unknown  origin, unknown  space,  structure and  nature, but it can float  and fly.Some people believe that it is from other planetary spacecraft.Some people think that UFO is a natural phenomenon, but even the scientists cannot explain all of the UFO report.
UFO events
Before the 20th century ,the complete sightings more than 300 pieces. until the early 1980s , the whole world has  about 100000 pieces reports that increase more than 3000  pieces  per year on average .          
According to eyewitness reports, the shape of UFO  looks like  disk, ball or cigar mostly.
In 1940s , American discovered the UFO  which  called  “flying saucer” at that time. and they think it is the new weapons of  the Soviet government . This is the beginning of researching  UFO and later people focus on the world’s  reports about UFO. 
Around June 23, 1990, a dragon shaped UFO appear repeatedly in the province of Hubei, Henan Province, Especially in the early hours of June 23rd, two provinces in the range of tens of thousands of people witnessed the dragon shaped ufo, especially when the artificial metal fragments the dragon shaped UFO flying over Kaifeng City Longting park over the fall a piece of silver.
Beijing (AFP) --- A Chinese pilot preparing to land his aircraft on the Guizhou province airport, in South-West China, had to brutally change trajectory to avoid a UFO. According to the newspaper, the Boeing 737 was at an altitude of 2 400 meters and started its landing approach when the anti-collision system of the aircraft detected a strange object located at two miles .
UFO   phenomenon
Whether the culture of  Hongshan , or the Mayan culture, the aliens was dimly visible. Through the production of jade, murals depicting, we often can see the similar flying saucer , astronauts' image. Archaeological discoveries in Zhejiang Deqing, a pottery has a helmeted figure,There's something on the helmet that even be similar antenna objects......
The mystery of UFO
Several decades ago , there are many  reports about the aliens visiting earth . if the reports is true, that is to say ,the alien’s spacecraft can travel through time and space. However,Humans  must spend twenty thousand years from earth to another planet .
That is to say,if  humans create an aircraft Throughing the light-years,we will be the same as aliens .But I believe this  technology will appear in the near future.


UFO飞碟太空主题ppt模板:UFO飞碟太空主题ppt模板这是一个UFO飞碟太空主题ppt模板。UFO,Unidentified Flying Object的缩写 ,中文意思是不明飞行物,俗称飞碟,通常被人们看作是外地文明派到地球的使者。




  • ufo英语ppt


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